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In order to determine the meaning of the term spyware that concerns us, it is essential that before we proceed to establish its etymological origin. Specifically, in this sense, we must make clear that emanates from the Germanic word "spähen" which can be translated as "distance vision".

Spy is a person who is dedicated to observe or hear what happens, acquire information and knowledge and transmit it to the one who has an interest. It is known as espionage the set of techniques and practices intended to obtain information covertly. Spies can work for a government, business or individuals. It is an activity with various legal limits as espionage, in many cases, it is outside the law.

  This art has transcended so through history that has allowed the technology to be part of it, giving the opportunity to develop devices that allow find what we seek, either a person or things, for in some other way have a little more precision on what is sought without losing track at any time, so we pointed out some interesting things about the spy devices that technology offers us today:

GPS for People: Security of their own, or your employees, should be a cause for constant concern. For those cases where you want to continually keep abreast of the location of their loved ones and workers, Spy World Miami, offers a GPS for people, especially designed for children, senior citizens, people with diseases such as Alzheimer's, disabled, students, men and women in general.

GPS cars or Things: Whether you require to track individuals, vehicles, or tracking vehicle fleets, here Spy World Miami has different solutions for satellite vehicle tracking in real time.

You can view the route of their vehicles, each solution gps vehicle tracking has different benefits and features.

If by any chance you get doubt, you can find the right help here at Spy World Miami or maybe you prefer call to our experts to find your answers, at 305-542-4600.

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