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Keychain Camera


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Keychain with Hidden Camera

Keychains are one of the everyday objects less suspicious and more unnoticed by people, because most of us have one (at least) key at home, work or a car keys (even a special key).

They are so common and we missed his presence, this makes them ideal objects for a spy. A common feature in all of them is that they may have a spy hidden camera and microphone for recording without any suspicion. Interesting services, like this and more that you will find in our stores in Cooperstown.

Scenarios with hidden Keychain camera:

• For mobile spying, means that moving recording in public and go unnoticed. It can be positioned on a table, sitting or walking, while recording.

• Ideal for meetings and business meetings.

• It is relatively simple to use, one button turns the camera, and another button starts recording video and audio.


  Characteristics of Keys with hidden camera:

• Size control alarm, lightweight, impact-resistant black plastic covers.

• It offers 2 recording modes, operated by a button:

1) Record video and sound.
2) Take pictures.

• Has a LED indicator that tells you when recording mode is on.

• Use an external memory of 2, 4 or 8 GB, (included), each recording GB will last approximately 40 minutes of video.

• Charged by USB when connected to the PC (average load time: 80 minutes).


Keychain Camera


Advantages of Key with hidden camera:  • Conceals perfectly with your keys.

• The audio and video quality is good.
• Easy to use.

Disadvantages of Key with hidden camera:   • You have to practice before to know the best recording angle.

Here are some models with hidden spy camera keychains:

1. Spy key classic design: This keychain Classic-cut takes a hidden camera that records video at a resolution of 1280 × 720 pixels and 1600 x 1200 pixels for pictures. It has a capacity of 120 minutes of recording.

2. Car Key Hidden Camera: This hidden camera records high resolution video in 4: 3 and weighing only 133 grams.

3. The most complete spy Key: With the most advanced of all keychains spy features, this includes a mini hidden camera with camouflage and Night Vision and Motion Detection.

In our GPS Tracker Miami sections have some of the places around the city where these services can be found or maybe you want to call us, you can dial at 305.542.4600, also don’t forget to remember us online on Spy World Miami.

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