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GPS Collar


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  The GPS Collar is the best way to keep safe and monitored your pet at any time of the day, it is very common to let an open window or an open door by which our mascot may go out with the possibility of losing it and won't see it anymore...

The GPS collar is one of the greatest innovations of technology, this GPS Tracker will help us to know the location of our domestic animals at any time of the day, in Spy World Miami will get this GPS Tracker which is resistant to the active way of life of our pets, this GPS Tracker is waterproof, you can jump and run without any worry for the care of the device, your pet will feel no discomfort with the product since it is not only a collar. The characteristics of this GPS Tracker are:


GPS satellite tracking of 24 hours a day.

• Find your pets immediately if they are lost or kidnapped.

• Establish prohibited areas.

• Establish safe areas.

• Follow up in real time.

• Track your pet from any device with internet access.

• SMS and email alerts.

• Show all information with a GPS Map from your smart phone.


GPS Collar


This fantastic GPS Tracker is one of the last generation, you'll no longer have to worry about where you find your pet, just check your phone or any device with internet access and will have the position of your pet in real time and you can prevent it from escaping, here at Spy World Miami you will find the best experts on all GPS devices, security cameras and thousands of products of Spy and security, get accessory and you´ll know which product is most suitable for you, not only we have GPS Collar for Pets, we have GPS for people which you can know the location of your family, employees, or anyone that you have monitored and safely to your loved ones, plus we have an incredible system GPS Car Tracker that let you know in real time where your car is. You won't have to worry about for the place where you left your car or loved animal. just visit the best Spy Store in all of Miami, we have the best products and the best advice of all Miami.

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