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Family Tracker


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  The Tracker Family is the method more effective when it comes to know the exact time and location of your family group, this method is only possible using GPS Tracker that you can get in Spy World Miami, the GPS device comes with the latest technology, making this Tracker faster in the task of finding your family, but you can use not only with your family, you can use it with your employees, and anyone else that you think needs to know where the person is at all times, these GPS devices have specified features, a tracker family offers many benefits, some of them are listed below:  


Tracking system 24 hours a day: Apart from these very good benefits our crawler’s devices contain a system of tracking 24 hours a day. You can view the exact position of their family or employees 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, in all weather conditions.

Panic Button: Personal GPS Tracker can be a good reality option to monitor the exact location of their children. You can have a panic button on the device in case of emergency and will be notified by SMS or email if they pressed it.

Prohibited Assembly and security zones: A tool useful for surveillance, good to monitor employees and family (nursing or dementia and others), can establish prohibited areas and insurance for them, and receive notifications from them.


Family Tracker


History of travel: You can record all the information on your device and display it later anywhere, only with a device with internet access. Monitor when and where your children, relatives and employees have been today, yesterday, last week, last month or even last year.

Use your smartphone to show location: Easy, comfortable and quick, can display information from any device with internet connection, as cell phones, tablets and computers. Check the exact position of your controller in real time, with application available for Android and iOS.

The best way to have your family safe and monitored is with a tracker family, the latest in surveillance technology, here at Spy World Miami you will get the best in Trackers GPS Devices, not only have these devices, we have a wide variety of GPS Trackers for Cars and pets, remember to visit the best Spy Store in all of Miami, for more information call us at the 305-542-4600, you will get the best information, here at Spy World Miami will give the best a qualified attention.

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