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Track A Pet


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  Track a pet is something that can happen to us very often, since our mascot are animals who like to walk from one side to another, the problem exists when they disappear for long periods of time and simply disappear and you don't know where to look for them, nor have any tool that can help you to get your pet, here at Spy World Miami we have for you the best tool that will help you find your pet at any time you lose it.

Here in our Spy Store you'll get different devices able to trace your pet in any place it is located and you will no longer need to have to Track a Pet. The GPS Tracker device is an efficient tool when you need to track your pet, it performs the same function of one GPS Tracker the only difference is that it comes with a design and features especially for pets. They are effective, comfortable and safe for your pet, if you leave your house and you can not watch your pets, don't worry, with this device you can receive alerts and constant monitoring of your pets, these following features make easier the care of your pet:

• Monitoring 24 hours a day.
• Establish safe areas, with real-time alerts if they are transferred to those areas that are prohibited.
• The tracking of a domestic animal from any device with internet access.
• Find their animals is easier if they escape.
• Show detailed information about GPS maps from your smart phone.

Spy World Miami understand that for you the safety of your pet is a priority, the tools of tracking pets make simpler, easier and secure the task of taking care of your pet. The Tracker Collar is another tool with a necklace design that is commonly used for tracing your pet if it has been lost.

  GPS Collar is the latest in technology for searching a pet, its operation is quite simple, as any other GPS Tracker this device is responsible for emitting signals from the different satellites for GPS System and show you the positioning information of you pet in your devices with an internet connection, a features designed especially for pets. Some of the important features are:

GPS of satellite monitoring of 24 hours a day.
• Find your pets immediately if they are lost or kidnapped.
• Establish prohibited areas.
• Establish safe areas.
• Follow up in real time.
• Track your pet from any device with Internet access.
• SMS and email alerts.
• Show all information with a GPS Map from your smart phone.


Track A Pet

Spy World Miami is the best choice when you want to find several GPS Devices or any Spy Equipment, also we have services around the Miami area, if you are looking for a device and don't know how is the process to install it, please do not lose more time, here in Spy World Miami our experts will explain you how to install all the different devices. Call us to 305-542-4600, ask for this and more services, you can find us in Andover, Carol City, Coopertown and in all of Miami.

Remember we are the best Spy Shop around Miami, we will attend as you deserves, at Spy World Miami we are specialized in keeping you safe.

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