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GPS Tracker on Car


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  Integrated GPS for Cars

How many cars from being sold or drive around Miami have an integrated GPS Tracking, those who came from "factory"? Usually in most cases is an optional feature that involves a significant premium and the best are standard on higher levels, which are also more expensive.

Still, to be fair, we must not forget that car brands are well advanced in cheapen integrated GPS trackers, or give many more functions in addition to GPS, and no longer cost as much as ten or fifteen years ago. The question is whether, even with price reduction, are interesting or not. Let's see what's there.

Good presence, everything in place and outdoor antenna

The main advantage of an integrated GPS tracker dashboard is that the car will have the same good looks we want, or even better in some cases. I mean, we talk about the design factor, which in the end also sells. There will be no foreign element added, there will be to place a support or a suction cup on the windshield, or will it have a cable plugged into a cigarette lighter to charge the battery.

And of course there will be an external GPS antenna to receive the best possible satellite signal without problems for a heat-reflective windscreen, or be shielded signal to driving in a city through narrow streets between tall buildings. And this is important because the better the GPS receive signal the browser will be more accurately.

It is further assumed that everything will be in place, the screen and controls will be located having taken notice, visibility and ergonomics. Say supposed because sometimes the GPS screen badly fits, and is very low, having to look away from the road more than is desirable, but this happens less than before, and if the dashboard of the car was designed from the beginning to be properly integrate the screen, should not have this problem.

If the browser screen is touch screen version is put at a close distance from the driver's right hand, combining this with a suitable height to avoid having to look away very often and also keep an eye on it. The screens are add it up inches over the years, now it is not strange to have quite big screens, around seven and eight inches (and even more, in some special cases).

Very often, especially if the screen is not touchable, usually it includes a control, which sometimes has the form of joystick or wheel by combining a rotary drive, with drive cursor four or eight directions, and also with various control buttons (OK, Menu, Back, and more). This command can even also have a touch pad.

The command is usually placed in the extension of the center console near the shifter. Once you get used to it i, it can be used without looking, just to touch. This is for example the case of integrated GPS Trackers Renault, Citroen DS, BMW, Audi or Mercedes-Benz, to name a few examples. Even that we may talk about cars we can offer you the best services to find your tracker and a very good explanation about a useful service about the device, only in every store around the city.


  Show Indications in the Box

You can also include the management of some basic functions of GPS with steering wheel controls, and even better, some include voice control (few, but some there, for example Ford Sync with MyFord Touch, or the new Sync 2 etc. ).

Another advantage is that beside browsers can display information on other display devices truck, in addition to your screen. For example, some cars that equip projection system information on the windshield, they also show the basic GPS instructions, plus the speed display. For example we had the occasion to test on their cars, carried it, and were quite handy, really. We always looking to find your comfort proving you that you’re making the right choice choosing us, only in Spy World Miami.


GPS Tracker on Car

  And others show these directions on the screen of computer information onboard instrument panel, which is even better if the picture is completely digital, and directly what we have is a color screen, which also can display graphics and detailed color images. For example, the Tesla Model S carries a fully digital picture, or the new Audi TT, which even shows the map perspective in the picture, not only as indications.

These two possibilities are really useful, because the driver is constantly flipping through the instrument for controlling the speed or tachometer, and the same way you can keep an eye on the GPS display.

Car Connected: All in one Solution

Today GPS Trackers are usually not just a GPS, usually part of an all-in-one solution with the multimedia connection system and infotainment truck as a function more within several offered by the system (telephone, music, applications, Internet, reversing camera, pager, etc.).

And this also brings advantages. For example in an electric car can be displayed on the map, the range of action that allows you the real car control, depending on the load that fits into the battery, or allows us to quickly find a charging point, for example in the case a system that assembles the Renault ZOE, but not the only, is also found in the BMW i3, among others. The same can be said for finding a petrol station on a conventional car.

Also there is more cars that are connected either by a SIM card itself, either by connecting shared phone data, the system has an internet connection allowing you to search the car itself, even with the control voice, and find a restaurant or a parking lot, or a hotel (or whatever) and car GPS automatically tell us how to get there.

There are very interesting options that combine for example the GPS with an advisor to drive more efficiently, and you can even search for a route to the destination, not the fastest way, but the road less consumption, depending on factors such as speed limit or traffic density, or the slopes on the road.

This feature is often called eco-route, or something like that, depending on the brand. Electric cars like the Nissan LEAF 2013, Ford Focus Electric or already include this feature in the integrated equipping GPS tracker.

And this is not science fiction, and cars are sold with GPS navigation system as well. In fact, the next step is that in hybrid (combination of combustion engine and electric motor) models including GPS communicates with the hybrid system management to anticipate the route, and using the combustion engine by highway, and the electric engine on the city (where each one compensate) automatically, without the driver having to do anything. This is for example in plug-in hybrid cars like the BMW i8, or Active Tourer BMW 2 Series plug-in hybrid.

It is also very useful indication maximum speed in each section, or safety camera information. This is also available in a Portable GPS, true the advantage is that integrated one could combine this with the recognition camera control signals and cruise to adapt the speed set automatically (on some trucks already done).

  Another advantage of GPS integrated tracker, is that the GPS module also serves for automatic systems to emergency call services, which is known as eCall, when an accident is detected (when jumping any airbag carriage); along with the call the exact location by address and GPS coordinates are sent. O also serves to locate the car if it has stolen, for example (or when a parent leaves the car to his son, he can locate him). Using our services we’ll guarantee that you’ll be safe and yours too, you only have to take a minute to visit us around our Spy Stores in Miami Beach.

Something interesting we will see every time, thanks to the connection protocols between smartphones and multimedia systems trucks, is that we can use the GPS phone browser viewing the map and the directions on the screen carriage but without the truck carrying GPS module. For example Honda has already shown the new Honda Jazz, but not the only one. Of course this way, some benefits are lost, but some improve are show, you just have to check our services on Spy World Miami.

GPS Tracker on Car


Brand Solutions

GPS cars browsers do not own car brands, although each one can have a different name, or there are certain terms about graphics, or interface design. There are several suppliers in these specialized components, Denso, Delphi and Bosch, to name a few. As with other components in cars of different brands we can be found in the background, without knowing it, the same GPS Tracker, at least for hardware and software, except for customizing models.

We can also find this situations for example, which especially can be found in GPS navigation integrated in Renault, Volvo, or even Google Maps, to name a few examples.

There are also Medium-Integrated

Some brands, models, and especially if the cars have some years and were specifically designed to integrate a screen GPS navigator, or to reduce costs to a minimum and provide a browser for less money, or for not so integrated options.

I mean for example some models that directly use a team of two DIN slots standing where would be the car radio. And we also mean accessory, solutions type that attempt to integrate as you can.

For example in some models Seat (Ibiza), Fiat (Punto) or SsangYong (new Korando), to name a few, the GPS navigation system is a similar portable navigation, but having a support specific to the dashboard, and comes with a specific power source for the cable that recharges the battery, which usually remains more or less concealed.

These planned factory solutions are usually installed most of the time as an accessory in the dealer shop where you buy a car. Let's face it, they are not as integrated as a browser factory does, also not offer as many features or other advantages, but can be an acceptable solution for a good price and this and more you can find it on our stores in the city.

Prices for All, but Generally more Expensive

An integrated GPS system from factory can cost a more than we expect, depending on the brand. It is true that for this price the screen can be very large, including remote control, full integration with all systems of the car and speed alert functions, real-time traffic conditions, etc. But it is still expensive.

Quite a few brands usually also offer an integrated GPS system from factory simpler, with a smaller screen, less resolution, less any function, without charge, all to reduce costs. It is a more reasonable price, but it's not cheap. Deals are certainly the medium-integrated we mentioned earlier, but in Spy World Miami we can offer you the best deals in town for your choice.

  But of course, when it come to think about prices, whoever the cheapest option, and here is the great competition of GPS navigation integrated system from factory in cars, look into a Portable GPS Navigator, it will be a different kind, but it will cost about a lot less, or even if you have a smartphone you wouldn’t spend anything to use the free GPS navigator included in your phone, Google Maps, or the different drives that we can offer you on our stores around the city doing the same manner quite similar to the car.

GPS Devices have many different functions, as for car GPS trackers, also to Motorcycles, trucks and generally for any vehicle. Even we can use for your pets. The most advanced GPS are accompanied by apps (mobile applications) that allow you to know at all times where the GPS Tracking device is.

GPS Tracker on Car


GPS Tracker with SMS Messaging

GPS Device with GSM communication module integrate that allows you to locate with a simple call where is the device at any time and from anywhere. The GPS receives and calculates the position accuracy of 1 to 10 miles, while the GSM module sends you SMS messages to mobile with the exact location, you can see directly represented on the map of your mobile or computer. You can also send an SMS requesting GPS position and we also return by short message to the exact position where it is at that time. GPS is based on the chip that is characterized by high sensitivity and speed of acquisition with a very small consumption. The device includes a rechargeable lithium battery and allows you to monitor in Real Time or delayed where your loved ones are, pet control, control employees, routes, vehicles, etc. All you need is to introduce a mobile phone card of any type so you can locate the device anywhere in the world.

This new GPS with GSM communication allows you to save the routes you make while practicing any kind of sports activities such as race, running, Hiking, trekking, climbing, cannoning, mountaineering, rock climbing, hunting, fishing, riding, cycling, skating, skiing, snowboarding , caving, etc.

All data is stored in the internal memory of the device until you connect to the PC via USB. Data can be stored on the PC to be displayed at any time, which allows you to have a record of all movements either of your trips and excursions. In addition, all settings can be done from the PC using the included program or control by SMS messages with the corresponding settings and passwords.

Examples of Applications are:

1. Request for Help: Be sure to ask for help if needed or that your family can reach you in case you can not ask. Accidents, untraceable people, lost objects.

2. Vehicle Tracking: You loan your vehicle to a family member or friend or afraid of being stolen? Where is your car? Where have you been? Speed control, etc.

3. Control elderly and children: Use the security perimeter for the elderly or the smallest one at home, not stray too far or know where their children are on weekends.

4. Monitoring groups: Check in real time the position of your fellow travelers or know where that fellow who has confused the group is.

5. Geolocation photographs: You need to know the exact location where taking photos, do so without a mistake.

Besides the GPS with GSM communication has a large number of functions performed at full efficiency:

SOS Button

This button lets you send your exact location up to five phone numbers via SMS and can choose the format between sending the coordinates so you can enter them in a GPS to locate or as a link to Google Maps with the location at that moment.


  Recorder Mode

With this mode you can store in memory of the GPS up to 54,000 positions not to lose any detail of your route, choosing to save the position by time (from 1 minute to 27 hours) or by distance (between 50 miles and 65 miles), later to be written to your PC using software supplied with the GPS and save them in NMEA format compatible with most GPS or view it through Google Maps.

Tracker Mode

In this mode you can set the GPS to send to a PC via GPRS connection position by time (from 1 minute to 27 hours) or by distance (between 50 miles and 65 miles), and have in real time all the information (for this mode it is necessary to have a fixed IP).

GPS Tracker on Car

You can also configure it to send this information by SMS messages being the receiver in this case another mobile phone to receive SMS with coordinates or with a link to Google Maps. Another possibility is you’re the ones who send the message to the GPS requesting the current position and this one returns in a message with coordinates that can be displayed directly in Google Maps from your mobile phone so you can know at any time where it is the GPS from your own phone. Ideal for locating people or vehicles at all times.


This feature allows you to define a security perimeter ranging between 0 and 1485 meters, if the GPS could remove this perimeter will send an SMS to the mobile phone that has been predefined to communicate. This function is also valid when you are using the "FRIENDS" mode so that none of the group members to stay away from the rest more than what was agreed between them.

Speed alarm

In the speed alarm mode you can set a maximum speed and if the GPS detects that this speed is exceeded will send an SMS to the number listed to communicate.

Geolocation Photo

Along with the configuration software and communication with the GPS you will supply software with which you can know the exact location where you made your photos or the exact location within the route has done in which it took that picture.

Also, this GPS can be configured from the free software that shipped with it or by SMS remotely that would make it easier to change the way that sends data or change the diameter of the circumference of security (Geofence) in the most comfortable for you, and we can offer you this and more to our products in our stores in every corner of the city

In Spy World Miami, remember we’re here for you to help you make the right decision about technology and also to improve your safety around. You can also dial to our phone number to find better answers, 305.542.4600.

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