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A GPS is a security tracking device that can be put on Pets, Persons or virtually anything. These devices provide the exact location of any asset and the information can display on any device with internet connection. The position is calculated through a global positioning system (GPS) and uses 24 Satellites that works 24/7, in all weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

You should be also interested in our topic What Are GPS Tracking Devices? there you can find information about their operation and the different types of tracking device. There are Children GPS Trackers, Car GPS Trackers, Cellphone GPS Trackers and devices for any asset you want to keep watched, but if you want a spy GPS device it should be a hidden GPS to protect a person or assets. Depending on the type of GPS you can have different features and characteristics like:

• Real-time tracking system.

• Establish restricted zones and safe zones.

• Record the travel history.

GPS Tracking service 24 hours a day.

• Receive phone’s alerts.

• Display all the information on virtual maps.

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