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  GPS Mobile is new technologies in today's world and frequently more used every day, this is a software that can be installed in any mobile, its function is simple and works with the Global Positioning System (GPS), when is installed in the mobile you can have the same performance of a Tracking Device on your Mobile. You won't have to carry any other device in your hands only your Mobile, having all the features and functionality of a high-quality GPS Tracker.

Today we can find a GPS Tracker on a Smart Mobile phone, here at Spy World Miami will give you the steps and knowledge for you to install the application on your Mobile to use it with the functions of a GPS Tracker. This software can be downloaded and installed on an operating systems such as Android or iOS.

These features are especially designed for the software:

Position Alerts: When you download the App on your Mobile you can receive alerts from other devices that you have associated with your Mobile, you can also receive alerts related to the place you are located and positioned.

Establish Safe Areas: As in many other devices with GPS you can define safe and dangerous areas with the application software installed on your Mobile. If somebody go beyond these restricted areas, you will be notified with a real-time alert.



System of GPS Monitoring 24 hours a Day: You have a tracking and monitoring 24 hours a day 7 days a week, this let you know if your device is working properly at any time.

See your family information from any device: If other family members have this Software you will see their activity and their different positions in real-time from your mobile, so that you never lose the trace of your loved ones, you can also see if those people are located in safe areas.

Travel History: Very useful when you are not with your family, the mobile will keep tracking for days, months and years, so if you need to view the location of your family 3 weeks ago, you will see it without any problem since the information is saved automatically.


GPS Mobile


Here at Spy World Miami will get different software as well as the more advanced devices in the market since we are the best Spy Shop in all Miami, you get access to GPS Trackers for Cars, GPS Trackers for Pets or Animals GPS Trackers, for Children and much more, call us at the 305-542-4600 and you will also receive a free expert advice, knowledge and the best indications by people who really know everything about GPS and spies articles, also keep in mind that you can request the service of GPS installation, remember here at Spy World Miami will give you the support for you to choose the device or Software that suits to your needs.

These devices are from latest technology so the installation could be a difficult issue for you, reason why you need the best and most qualified professional, they will perform a quickly and efficiently equipment installation. You can find this service and more in Dadeland Cir, Dadeland Blvd, Hialeah Gardens and many other places in all Miami. Spy World Miami is the leading shop in spies products, here we are working for you and your family safety.

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