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Global positioning systems, or GPS, have revolutionized the way the world run business, track shipments, researches. Satellite tracking devices can be found anywhere in the modern world, from personal electronic devices to vehicles and even collars placed on animals. In the modern world is possible without a general knowledge of the several types of satellite tracking devices and the ways that are used in everyday life.

Types of Tracking Devices

GPS tracking devices come in two main types, with a variety of subtypes. The main types are like passive and actives. The passive satellite tracking devices, also known as GPS tracking devices, operate simply cataloging the position of the subject during a trip and then download these data. Active devices, also called GPS tracking devices in real-time location data transmitted in real time from a cellphone or satellite network or a computer database.

Personal Devices

The Personal GPS Tracking Devices are regularly small and compact and have batteries included. They are for people, animals, property and sometimes vehicles. The tracking device on the cell phone is a version of personal tracking device used more frecuently today, integrated into many modern cell phone models. These types of satellite tracking devices often work through trilateration, a full set based on the relative position of the cell phone tower or GPS satellite closest calculations.

Vehicle Devices

Vehicle Tracking Devices tracked vehicles while they are in transition and are included in the vehicle or as separate units. Wiring units regularly come with a main module that is located under the dash, and a small external antenna. Vehicle tracking devices can perform a wide variety of tasks including giving directions, cut a flooded engine, turn off the lights after you leave the car and monitor the overall performance of the vehicle.

Automobile Devices

Automobile Devices are very similar to the vehicle tracking devices, but they have many of the special features included in vehicle devices. It is found most often in private vehicles, while vehicle tracking devices are for commercial applications. Monitor the activity of a car and help restore a stolen car.


GPS tracking watches are a type of personal GPS Tracking device. They are available in models of passive and active electronic tracking. In the past, these watches had been extremely bulky and therefore impractical, but recent models have managed to become something as small as a normal wrist watch.

Tracking Devices Child Safety

Few things terrify parents more than the idea of losing a child. Tracking devices child safety can help locate your child in case of kidnapping or missing. Most tracking devices use GPS child safety software to track the position of a child or have the proximity detection technology.


Child tracking devices are linked to a satellite that can locate the device at any time. As long as the device remains functional and with your child, it can be placed anywhere on your child. Some tracking devices child safety begins to track the child if he leaves a certain area, while others follow the child constantly. Other tracking devices monitor vital signs of the child. Some devices offer a Panic Button that can be activated by a lost child.


Tracking devices for Children safety commonly are hide in a piece of jewelry, like clockwork. Some style bracelet are made with material that prevents cut and secured in such a way that can only be removed by parents with a special key, which provides an additional level of security. Implantable monitoring devices can be surgically placed under the skin of the child.


A wide variety of functions are available, depending on the amount you have to invest and your particular needs. Some tracking devices can track the movements of a child and locate it in a relatively small area such as a supermarket. Others can help locate a missing child and can even join a state or national, with GPS system on anywhere in the city in any of our Spy Shops in Brownsville.


No technology is perfect; monitoring systems may fail or give misinformation. Parents should also beware of the temptation to rely too heavily on technological nannies; no device can ever replace good parenting. Even if you use a child safety device, you should know where your child is at all times and have relevant conversations with they about potentially dangerous situations and circumstances and potential threats from people your child knows. It is for this reason and many others that we offer the best advice on Spy World Miami.


If you are thinking of an implantable device, remember that the power supplies of these devices eventually need to be replaced, which may require another surgical procedure. Also remember that the implantation of a device in the body of your child may raise questions of trust between you and your child. There is also the risk of instilling an attitude of fear in your child that could be more harmful than helpful. Therefore we offer the best currently tracking devices in any of our Spy Stores in Carol City.


The devices used for child safety can also be used to control the location of adults with Alzheimer disease or dementia and help find them quickly if they stay away. Many of the same concerns apply to the use of these devices for adults, especially that such a device can not replace proper supervision. For these special cases our Spy Stores in Bunche Park when we can advise the best way, feel free to visit.

GPS for Tracking Dogs

We know how important your pet is. The company, protection and care they offer are invaluable, which is why tracking devices are a way to return to that member of the family, like an exchange for the little thing that it does for you.

The Pet GPS Tracker is a system based on GPS (Global Positioning System) trackers inserted into a collar that will allow kept regularly informed of the location of their pets for satellite system.

How does the GPS Pet Works?

The GPS tracking device pet requires no installation. Is required only place the collar on the dog to track, which, once active, interacts with orbiting satellites that record their geographical coordinates in digital maps; data which may consult via internet when used together with our based on our servers in Spy World Miami software.
What functionality offers GPS pet?

With the GPS tracking device pet you can access:

• Track your pet in real time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• History location of your pet in days and hours passed.

• Alerts. Notifications via SMS or email when the pet away from the geographical limits you have defined, or otherwise enter a forbidden area.

Vehicle Tracking Devices

The tracking devices for cars are very useful for owners to find their stolen cars or for parents to keep track of their children. Business owners use it to a monitor to their delivery trucks and to keep an eye on their drivers. The reasons behind the use of a GPS may vary, but the goal is the same: to know where the vehicle is. A device to track a car is an indispensable tool when you need to monitor your location.

How to install a GPS Tracking System Automatic. Instructions:

• Visit any of our Spy Shops in Buena Vista to find the Best GPS Tracking Devices for the car. As you will install on your own, the best is a GPS battery. Buy a magnetic waterproof housing to prevent the tracking device is exposed to these factors.

• Choose a location in your car where you want to install the device. Given that you will use a magnetic housing, you have many options in various metal parts of the car. It is better to place it in a place that is not easily identifiable or easily accessible. Some of the most common places where people install them are in the glove compartment, under the roof, under the trunk lid and the vehicle chassis.

• Place the batteries in the tracking device. They should last from 30 to 45 days before you must replace them, unless you use the battery. They last longer before you must change them. Turn on the GPS and verifies that transmit the information to the monitoring system unit.

• Place the GPS tracking device in an area of the car you have chosen. Make sure the surface is metal so that the device adheres properly. There should be a long and strong magnet in the housing that adheres to the metal frame and form a strong bond between them. Make sure the tracking device is not in an area of the car in which has moving parts, since the car could damage it.

• Take a test drive. We can advise you on any of our Spy Shops in Civic Center to prove that the monitoring device shows that it is sending and receiving the information correctly. While you're walking, stop after a short distance to verify that the device is still firmly attached to the car. And so you can make sure the monitoring system works accurately.

How to Make a Small Tracking Device

Having a GPS system in operation not only allows you to track anyone with ease but also helps you navigate through unfamiliar areas with confidence. Although it was limited to military use, GPS technology became available commercially since the early 90s, giving you an opportunity to make your own tracking device with a cell phone with internet access and software that can find in Spy World Miami.


• Buy a phone that has the ability to connect to the internet. Make sure you also have an unlimited data plan that you choose on your cell phone provider.

• Get GPS Software. This will turn your smart phone into a navigation device and monitoring.

• Register in the service of any of our Spy Stores in Coral Reef. Giving you personal information during the process, review the privacy policy of the service chosen. Give your email address, a username and password, your cell phone number. After registering, you will be sent a link to download via text message or email.

• Use the internet browser on your phone and go to the download link. Once the download is complete, the user simply installs and uses the software for GPS on your cell phone.

• Activate the GPS software on your phone. Go to "Main Menu", then "Applications". Once opened, you will see a map with a red dot flashing. This represents your location in real time. If you move, the point on the map will also move.

• Use your PC and log on to the GPS service chosen. You should see the same map showing the location in real time on your phone. You can use it to track your phone from anywhere while it has a signal.

Products GPS Devices and Accessories last Generation Tracking.

Allow to fulfill all expectations of functionality and reliability required security applications and logistics current with small size, low power consumption and powerful hardware together .

 Characteristics: • Open Protocol.

• GPRS Quadband.
• 3D Motion Sensor.
• Mode Nano Battery Power.
• Detection Jammer.
• Ultra Compact.

Vehicle Tracker Devices that may help you to find the best choice in any case you want a very good tracker that give you satisfaction and make you feel secure, like the offers we have for you in every Spy Shop around Miami.

 Characteristics: • SOS button.

• Motion sensor.
• Audio moment bi-directional.
• Alarm GPS Antenna Cut.
• Stop Motor.

Personal Tracker

We have waterproof GPS tracker personnel suitable for lone workers, Kids, aged, Animal, Vehicle and fleet management.

 Characteristics: • SOS button.

• "Smart-Sleep" battery saving mode and stop mode.
• Audio moment bi-directional.

Also we have a standalone device that allows you determining the exactly place, what is the fuel which has diesel engine. It is a flowmeter that using two completely independent devices with cameras precisely controls the amount of fuel to the engine and the amount returned to the tank. Built electronic management calculates the difference (taking into account the temperature of the diesel or biodiesel), storing it consumed.

 Characteristics: • Temperature range: -55 °C to 125 °C.

• Accuracy -10 to 85 °C + - 0.5 °C.
• Setting up multiple alarms.
• Surgical stainless steel sheath.
• Silicone cable extended temperature range.


Taxis display for allowing communication with the central, notifying new travel and messages.

 Characteristics: • Printer Connection.

• Receiving Messages.
• Watch Chips.

GPS Locator for Dogs / Cats

It is a GPS tracking device for pets which is integrated with the Pet Manager application to high-tech smartphones, which can find in any of our Spy Stores in Country Club.

How it Works

• Just place the GPS tracking device on your pet's collar to know at all times where you are.

• Define a security perimeter directly on your smartphone and immediately receive a notification whenever they transferred.

• Recommended for pets over 4.5 kg.

GPS Dog Collar

This water-resistant necklace combines a high-sensitivity GPS receiver and a VHF antenna on a transmitter all in one that works with the special unit to prevent your dog is lost. The tracking device has a durable polyurethane orange collar of an inch (2.5 cm) fitting to most receptors electronic collars, which eliminates the need for the dog carrying two different collars. In addition, the necklace lock function uses a four-digit PIN number that prevents others from viewing the location of your dog.

Put the Collar and get going

Used with any of our devices, this system will take you hunting in no time. The collar, along with special device unit determines the position of your dog every 5 seconds. Its innovative charging connection with charging LED flashing lets you know if the battery is ready. You can extend the battery life of changing the transmission frequency of the position, from 5 to 10, 30 or 120 seconds, which allows the work of 17 to 48 hours on the ground with a single charge. Now you'll know if your dog is pointing, sitting, moving or refuge in a tree. Where is your dog? Where has been. How fast it moves and how much has been removed.

Global Device Tracker

We can also offer a Personal Tracking Device that combines a high-gain GPS Module with a GSM module allows through them transmit their exact location, longitude and latitude, remotely supporting the person or subject matter.

This has a Panic Button for use in emergencies, where the current position of the device is immediately sent by SMS. On the other hand, you can set a specific phone number to call directly, which automatically take the call, where you can hear what's happening at the moment.

The device has a motion sensor, and can configure it to report to a different frequency when in motion when it is still thereby allowing optimization of the duration of the battery.

 Characteristics: • Integrated emergency alerts, speeding and power loss.

• External antennas for GSM / GPS.

• Backup battery for extended use.
• Optional support CAN Bus.
• Setting reporting interval GPS.

Standard Device Tracker

Using small devices help you to control all the vehicles that concern you. As practice shows, application of vehicle tracking and fuel monitoring system, even in small businesses is profitable in a short space of time. We install systems not only in vehicles but also in monitoring river boats, airplanes and helicopters, and rail transport. Even we settled our manager exotic type of transport such as Segways. We try to meet their needs in Spy World Miami to not get lost in trying to make the best decision.

 Characteristics: • Communication via TCP.

• Automatic blackbox reading.
• Remote management through SMS channel.
• ADC sensors.
• Digital sensors.
• GLONASS support.
• Remote management through GPRS channel.

If by any chance you have a doubt about all you been reading, you can also try to reach us whether through our phone number 305.542.4600 or maybe you prefer to visit us on our website Spy World Miami.

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