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Cat GPS Tracker


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  Cat GPS Tracker is a device for monitoring through the Global Positioning System (GPS), specially designed for pets like cats, if your cat use this equipment, you'll know always where It is located and positioned all the time.

These GPS device works with 24 satellites located in the Earth's orbit and widely distributed, they are synchronized and trace the location of the receiver on Earth device, as result will give the exact location in real time of your cat or other pet. You don’t need to be worry anymore because you always will find your cat if it’s lost or out of sight during the time that you go to the park with your domestic animal. One of its basic characteristic is that it will give you the exact location on virtual maps always updated, the best part is that you can check and receive different alerts of the positions of your cat or other pet from your internet devices such as cell phones, radios, tablets, desktops and many other devices connected to the internet and can receive this kind of information in real time instantly.

Features that you can get in our devices were made especially for cats which are designed to meet your needs and from your own cats too; these are the characteristics that you will find:


Monitoring 24 hours a day: The monitoring 24 hours a day will help you always stay informed of the position and activities of your cat or dog, this function is suitable for owners’ cats or pets that have to go out and cannot monitor closely their domestic animal. The monitoring is an uninterrupted process during the 7 days a week, this feature is widely used in the world to watch people, cars, cat and many other things, using the GPS Tracker.

Establish safe areas: Establishing safe of dangerous area is a good way for you to take care of your cat or pet, since you can customize the areas on the map, you can select the safe areas and dangerous ones where you cat can go. You will receive an alert form the devices connected to the internet in real time so you can act quickly if it is a real emergency.


Cat GPS Tracker


The tracking of a domestic animal from any device with internet connection: Checking and tracking the activities and movements of your pet has never been so easy, this feature will allow you to check from any device with internet connection the positioning always updated of your pets or cats. Only check your phone, tablet or other devices and you will have all the information you need.

Find their animals easily if they escape: If your cat or dog has escaped out of your view, don't worry, this device will make the search easy and fast, with only review the virtual map on your devices with internet access you will have the location in real time of your cats or pets.

Show detailed information about GPS Maps from your smartphone: Mobile applications of this device are the latest on technology, you won't have to carry other devices apart from your mobile. The device will always alerts you about the positions of your cat, it was especially designed for the convenience of the owner and the pet.

Here at Spy World Miami we think about what is the best tracker device for you and your cats, we bring you a GPS Tracker in the form of necklace, better known as Collar GPS that is from the latest tracking technology, its design is like the GPS necklace that you can adapt on the neck of your cats and pets without any problems, your cat won’t feel any discomfort and it cans carry out all its activities like jumping, running, play and walk from one side to another without feeling any discomfort, and will have the same performance of a cat GPS Tracker. Below some of the most important characteristics a:


GPS of satellite monitoring of 24 hours a day.

• Find your pets if they are lost or kidnapped.

• Establish prohibited areas.

• Establish safe areas.

• A follow-up in real time every day.

• Track your pet from any device with internet.

• You can receive SMS and email alerts.

• Show all information with a GPS Map from your smartphone or other devices connected to internet.


Cat GPS Tracker


Spy World Miami puts at your disposal all its products designed for cats, dogs or other animals, call us to the number 305-542-4600 and ask for the large number of GPS devices that we have for you, you can get GPS for Cars, Children and Persons, mini cameras, security cameras and many systems, receive all the knowledge and support you need to find the device especially for you, also a free advice from our experts.

If you call don't forget to ask for our Services of GPS installation, first will help you to find a device that meets your needs and criteria, we’ll give you all the tools and if you want you can install it with one of our experts, remember that GPS trackers devices are a delicate and complex tool, so you need real experts to install it, and only here at Spy World Miami the best Spy Shop you can get this and many other services. We also are located in Dadeland Blvd, Dadeland Cir, Hialeah Gardens and many other places around Miami, you don’t need to look more in other places, here are all the devices, services, and the support that you need, we always work for the safety of you and your family.

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