Spy Stores Near Bal Harbour Islands

Our Spy Store near Bal Harbour Islands serves to all requirements in the security and surveillance field.

Spy World is proud to announce 28 years in the sophisticated and counter intelligence business. Have lots of experience to answer your questions and we have research team that stays up with the latest technologies in many categories. We help protect your home, business, valuables and your loved ones you do not want to miss coming in to our store for information people always get a great impression. Some categories we touch on are:

Cameras: covert cameras, visible cameras, Wi-Fi camera, motion cameras, wireless cameras, self-contained, tracking cameras and much more...

Trackers: Tracker logger, satellite tracker, wireless tracker, GSM tracker and many more.

Recording devices: long play recording, small recorders, mini recorders, tiny recorders, Memory ships, Nano technology, super sensitive super ear, bionic ears, penetration microphones, surface mount technology a lot you can learn in this field.

Bug detectors: RF detectors, audio jammers, laser mic detection, full proof conference rooms with no capabilities of being recorded or listened to the = ask about the top secret room. (Speak to a specialist on this matter for best results).

Missing persons or need to know something: this is a large area to cover but whatever you want to know talk to one of our specialist.

Key words that you would visit us for: cameras of any kind, self-protection items, any investigation you would like to do, secret safes, hidden cameras, trackers, recording devices, bug detectors, night vision, binoculars, hidden inferred custom equipment, custom hidden compartments and much more...

We also serve to the following areas: