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Micro RF Detector


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Thinking about buying a Radio Frequency Detector? You should have some knowledge about RF and RF detectors and here at Spy World Miami you have a review and you can find the best products for you, remember we work in The Crossings, Sweetwater and all over Miami.

The Radio Frequency (RF) is an electromagnetic wave used for communications or radar signals measured in Hertz (Hz). This wave is in the range extending from around 3 kHz to 300 GHz, and works in a particular frequency or frequency range, for this you need to have an antenna to receive the radio signals.

Now that you know about Radio Frequency, here we explain what RF detectors are:

  A RF Detector is a device that is used in surveillance and counter-surveillance to explore, detect and locate bug signals and wireless spy devices at a certain distance (depending on the detector). Nowadays, a real problem for the citizens are the Spy Networks, people looking for other's private information, and maybe you are being monitored by one of them, to solve that problem there is an easy, inexpensive and effective option, the RF detectors. With a RF detector you can locate spy gadgets easy and fast. There are many types of Radio Frequency Detectors, you can find from RF GPS tracker detectors to RF Cellphone Detectors and you can learn about them here in Spy World Miami:

You can find RF detectors with different sizes and here at Spy World Miami we are always working on the newest technology and we have micro RF detectors made especially for you with the best quality and with the best deals, call our specialists for more information.

Micro RF Detector


• Set different types of alerts: There are 4 different types of alerts: audible beep, luminous LED, quiet vibration or alert by headphones and you can choose the best that suits you. If you want to detect spy gear quietly is better to use the quiet vibrations or the headphones, but if you don’t need to be quiet you can choose the beep.

Rechargeable Battery: You don’t need to run long cables for your RF detector, having a RF detector with rechargeable battery is more comfortable and depending on your device you will just need to charge it and the battery will last long.

• Explore entire rooms in seconds: You can explore entire rooms to detect and locate spy devices easily and fast, you just need to wait some seconds. Depending on the quality of the Radio Frequency Detector you can scan bigger or smaller areas.

• Detect different types of devices and signals: With our RF devices you will be able to detect different Spy gadgets that can be monitoring you, Spy gadgets like: cameras, audio recorders, GPS trackers and many more.

Looking for the best Spy Store? Here at Spy World Miami we have all what you need with high quality products made especially for your needs. Call ur experts for free advice at 305-542-4600 and they will give you all the information you need in order to buy the best device for you. Don’t forget to visit us in Miami and remember that we have the best detection service working in Sunset, Surfside and all over Miami.

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