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How To Install a Hidden Camera


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  Before starting the first thing to determine is the area you want to monitor. Once defined that area, examine the distance required to reach visualize the area clear way. The distance between the camera and the target area will vary by the camera model. It is advisable to install it in a place of difficult access, to prevent the handling by strangers or something that may disrupt their visibility. According to your own needs, you can decided if the camera goes unnoticed or not. You may be wondering whether to leave it inside or not, remember that although there are specially designed to withstand severe tests, such as extreme temperatures or humid environments, it is also possible to safeguard your regular camera with a housing, to avoid impacts and protect cameras through inclement weather.

What camera do I need?, How many types of cameras are there?, What is the one that suits best my needs?. Here are some of the most common questions when buying a camera it’s all about, and we in our Spy Store Miami have the answers for you, but also you should know that the world of hidden cameras is becoming wider and affordable for everyone. Less than five years to find a micro camera was something almost impossible, something only seen in spy movies. However, nowadays anyone can buy a camera at an affordable price and we have the best offers for you in any stores around Miami Beach.

Once defined your needs, we proceed to Install your hidden cameras, with these simple steps:

1. Select a high and wide angle for your Camera.

The best angle in any space normally is pointing down from the corner where the roof meets the walls. Make sure you can clearly see the inputs and outputs and has an outlet near the camera. If you are installing a Outdoor Camera, place about 3 m (10 ft) high so they cannot easily knock it down.


2. Put the camera on the wall.

Some cameras come with adhesive pads to stick on the wall, but the safest long-term is screwing mount the cameras. Although all cameras are different, almost all they can be mounted in the same way:

• Place the bracket in the best location.
• Using a marker, make marks on the wall, just in the places where each screw goes.
• Make a hole for each screw using a drill.
• Hit with the hammer molding pins.
• Screw mounting on the wall.
• Place the camera pointing at the desired angle.


How To Install a Hidden Camera


3. Connect your camera to a power supply.

Almost all cameras come with a power adapter that can plug into any wall outlet. Plug the small round end of the power connector on the back of the camera and the other end into an electrical outlet. If you have any kind of problem to finish your installation you can call us and we can help you.

4. Connect the camera cable to your DVR.

Surveillance equipment is connected using a BNC connector (Bayonet Neill-Concelman). BNC cables are easy to use (they are identical at both ends), so just plug into the corresponding port turning the small nut on the end to secure them in place. Plug one end into the output port (“OUTPUT") and the other end into the input port (“INPUT") of the DVR.

• See where you connect input port. That will be the port of entry that need to set your DVR to see the video from your camera.

• If the cable hasn’t a BNC connection you can buy a single BNC adapter in our Spy Stores around Miami Avenue Rd and Miami Gardens. The adapter plugs into the cable end to be compatible with BNC connection.

5. Link wireless cameras to your computer.

Wireless Cameras come with a software includes as an installation program. You must install to view the recorded material. Follow the instructions on the screen to access your cameras.

• Some cameras have a small receiver that connects to your computer via the USB port. Make sure it is properly connected.

• Record the IP address of your camera (eg, if you have provided this information. You can write this number on any web browser to view your camera remotely.


6. Connect the monitor to the DVR.

This connection also often uses BNC cables, but some DVR can be connected via HDMI cables or coaxial cables. Use the method you prefer to connect one end to the output port (“OUTPUT") of the DVR and the other input port (“INPUT") monitor.

• You can connect as many cameras as inputs have the DVR. This device will automatically record each camera you connect.

• Look at what input port connect the cable. That will be the port of entry must select to view your cameras.

How To Install a Hidden Camera


7. Solve Connection Problems.

Check that camera, DVR and monitor are connected to a power source and turned on. Make sure the cables are firmly plugged in and you have selected the appropriate entries for the DVR and monitor. Some monitors display all cameras at the same time, others will have buttons labeled "INPUT" (input), that allow you to exchange the cameras.

And this is how it’s done, but remember that we’re grateful to help you for any kind of doubt or give suggestions also to find the best location to install your own camera, you can find us on Spy World Miami and also you can call us at 305.542.4600, remember we have more than a solution, we have the right thing for you.

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