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GPS Locator For Kids


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  GPS locator for kids is the ultimate in safety and care for your kids, these GPS Locators are used with one of the most advanced technology today in the world, this technology is the Global Positioning System (GPS) that uses a global system formed from the constellation of 24 GPS satellites and their ground stations. It provides special satellite signals, which are processed by a receiver. These receiver devices not only track the exact location but can also compute velocity and time. The positions can even be computed in three-dimensional views with the help of four GPS satellite signals. The Space Segment of the Global Positioning System consists of 27 Earth-orbiting satellites. There are 24 operational and 3 extra (in case one fails) satellites that move round the Earth each 12 hours and send radio signals from space that are received by the devices receiver.

There are many models and different features in GPS locator for kids, each of these features have been specifically designed for different needs that you can get to keep with your kid, so the best choice when you need security and confidence is getting the devices on the Spy World Miami, we work with the latest technology in devices locator for kids.

GPS locator for kids are designed depending on your needs and the comfort for your kid, here at Spy World Miami you can get from the traditional hand-held devices so your children can carry it, the bracelets device is the best way to use a GPS locator, your kid may feel this device comfortable like other Tracker Devices, this equipment are similar to any other GPS and you will have the same functionality of a GPS Locator, some of its characteristics are:


24 Hours a Day Monitoring: GPS locator for kids apart from the fact that indicate where your kid is located, you can see their status 24 hours a day, you can watch it with our system of continuous monitoring from any device connected to the internet you can comfortably view the activities and location of your kid.

Establish Safe and Forbidden Zones: If you leave and don't want that your kid goes to certain places, this incredible function indicate which areas are dangerous and forbidden for your kid, and if he comes across any of those area an alert in real-time is transmitted from device connected to the internet that this associated with GPS Locator and you will be able to act quickly to avoid any risk for your kid.


GPS Locator For Kids


Travel History: This device locator can record and register all travel events and the places that your kid usually visit. You can have a travel history from weeks, month and years. Very useful tool to verify what places your kid visit during the day.

Receive SMS and Notifications by Email when Crossing These Areas: Always be updated of the activity of your kids, you always receive alerts in real-time at any time, because we know that having the updated location of your kids is the most important for you.

Emergency / Panic Button: One of the most requested features, this button works in a very simple way, your kid press it and a message alert is send to your devices connected to the internet, the same alert is transmitted to the authorities and emergencies services, they will verify the exact coordinates of the place where possibly your kid is located.


  Spy World Miami always bring you the best devices for the care of your children and your family, we have the GPS Locators and trackers for animals or pets, for cars and many more, always using the same GPS technology but with designs and features individually developed to meet your needs and requirements.

Call us at the 305-542-4600 and you will receive the support and all the knowledge of our experts with many years of experience, in addition free advices that will guide you to choose a product that meets your standards and adapted to your needs. Call and ask about our Service of Installation of GPS trackers, locators, and more, we will evaluate your needs and the specifics features that you are looking for in a GPS and we will show you which is the best device for you and also give you the installation support by our experts.

GPS Locator For Kids

Remember the GPS are latest technology devices and need real careful experts who know how to work with them and for this reason Spy World Miami is your best option. We are the best Spy Shop in Miami, get our services in Fontainebleau, Fontainebleau Blvd, Fortymile Bend and many other places in all Miami. Here at Spy World Miami we care about you, your kids and family.

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