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Fake Security Camera


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  Fake security cameras, also called non-operating simulated cameras are simple housing security camera that are not suitable for capturing images, they are used only with a deception effect. Fake security cameras, although they seem real, as some even have a motion sensor that follows the person to detect movement.

Since some time before to these days this fake security cameras have an increased use in an attempt to lower the robberies numbers that occur daily.

Using Fake Security Cameras

Fake security cameras are usually empty plastic housings or PVC that mimic real security cameras, usually often they imitate real models and sometimes incorporate lights or movement through an engine to seem more real.

The effect achieved by using these cameras is a high persuasions by creating uncertainty of not knowing whether you are being watched or being recorded by a real device, its economic, low cost making a device which can be very easily installed in any business or home.

In most cases it is very difficult to distinguish a real security camera from a fake camera, for a person who is not an expert on security issues, but professional criminals in most cases know perfectly the difference between cameras.

Combining real cameras and fake cameras, is the ideal decision; the best idea in security systems is combine both elements, installed real security cameras at critical point and mixed with false elements to give a greater sense of security, between a large number of cameras.

  In this way we blend the best of both ideas and an efficient system that will protect the most vulnerable areas of the location. Being protected with real cameras to record everything that happens in specific areas, and in the other hand, a greater feeling of uncertainty with the installation of fake cameras.

On this way we get an ideal balance between security and low cost, for example if we have to protect our business with cameras, the ideal combination would be to place an actual security camera on the point of collection business and in the area where it is located the most valuable commodity, fake security cameras will be placed on business areas where merchandise has less value.

Fake Security Camera

To protect a home the locations of the security cameras could be the next in the entrance area of the house, on the front door and is possible near the rear entrance to the garden must be ideal, the garage area would be another point to protect with a real security camera, in a private home security fake cameras system, they could be locate in the highest areas, this way will more difficult to you to tell if they are real or not.

For offices, the ideal is that the security system monitor cubicles, entrance and lobby. Fake cameras can be placed in the hallways and not very crowded areas.

In the case of offices and business, it is a good advice to hire a security guard to work in conjunction with the alarm system. This way, you have the advantage of having the technological aspect and human.

Many people resort to fake cameras because of low cost also they don’t have constant maintenance, but it is a very big risk if we consider that we are ensuring the safety of our loved ones or something we have worked hard time, so research the best you can and try to acquire a quality assurance system.

In most cases, to warn of the presence of monitoring devices is more than enough to clear any attempt to steal or access to a private area, as may well be our home.

  Simply install a pair of fake security cameras to intimidate and prevent thieves from sneaking.

Generally, thieves are not willing to be recorded or recognized later, so if they detect the presence of a camera, discarded continue theft.

The cameras that we offer today are even more intelligent than the traditional ones, as though they really don’t record, but do have a motion sensor that makes the LED lights up when you feel the presence of someone.

Small details that always useful. Also, they do not require cables and operate both exterior and interior.

Fake Security Camera


Features for Fake Security Camera

Fake security cameras are very similar to a real surveillance camera, even some fake surveillance cameras consist simply of actual surveillance cameras damaged.

• Easy installation.

• No need to spend any cable.

• It is also common to use the empty shell of a real camera, by installing a cable or an antenna which suggests that is connected to a monitoring system. Sometimes also often use a motor to move the camera seems to have a motion sensor to simulate an active camera.

• People who have installed will create a complete surveillance system (ideal for shops, homes, offices).

• Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

• Motion Detection System (seems to work as a current security camera).

• It is common also use motion sensors that simulate cameras. To add a touch of realism, they can have lights or LEDs flashing or a motor to simulate the movement of PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras and can even follow up on people, to suggest that it is a real camera.

• Light activation.

• Very easy to change the camera angle up to 12 possible positions.

• The cheap fake security cameras can be recognized by lack of real lenses, because instead of lenses are opaque plastic part.

For everything and more we have all different kinds of security camera that you need, you just have to visit us on Spy World Miami or if you prefer call at 305.542.4600 or perhaps you can make a real visit to our Spy Store in Miami Gardens Drive.

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