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Car Hidden Camera


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A hidden camera for the car is a surveillance camera that is characterized by being designed to be installed inside a vehicle, in order to record images of everything that happens around or inside the car. Hidden surveillance cameras for the car usually record audio and video, are programmable, have an own storage system and operate on batteries or connected to the cigarette lighter socket.

Also these Hidden Cameras for Cars are small video cameras strategically placed to capture everything that happens inside the car or around it. Often incorporate motion detection, so it only record when the sensor is triggered, minimizing the required recording space.

  Generally car hidden cameras usually have a storage system itself, which is usually a MicroSD memory card. The power supply is by batteries or by connecting it to the car cigarette lighter socket.

Hidden cameras car used in cases where the car is exposed to theft or vandalism for a long period of time, usually overnight. These hidden cameras car are located on the dashboard, the computer will record everything that happens in front of or behind the vehicle.

These cameras are usually prepared to record even in places with low light around, allowing obtain a clear and recognizable image even with the minimum brightness of a single bulb or lamp.

Car Hidden Camera


Features from Hidden Cameras for Cars

Among the hidden cameras for car surveillance there are models you can found for all needs. Here are some of the features and functions that can be found:


• They usually have brackets to fit one or more parts of the car, such as mirrors, glass, trays or doors.

• Generally allow USB connections and connections for TV.

• They are able to record audio.

• Some may get clear images in low light.

• You can record several hours of video, as they usually have great battery autonomy or cigarette lighter connection, and supports MicroSD memory cards up to 32 GB.

• Some allow configuration of FPS (frames per second), in addition to the configuration of different resolutions of video recording.


Car Hidden Camera


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