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Glasses with camera Record your family moments, a business meeting or a conference, with a handycam is almost impossible? Now you can do in a quick, easy and simple way, with the glasses with a hidden camera will be as easy as pushing a button. Not any kind of wireless receiver is needed.

Everything is within the glasses, but there’s no radio signal. Direct from the lens to the internal memory card. The fact is that the device is designed as common glasses that makes it portable and can capture scenes without being noticed.

Glasses with a Hidden Camera

allows you recording Full HD video and capture photos with excellent quality, now enhanced with better style to go unnoticed, less weight for portability, excellent resolution Full HD 1920 * 1080p and support up to 32GB of external storage and internal 4Gb, High speed recording and quick response. Pictures resolutions like 4032 * 3024p, also voice recording functions, and everything comes in a very easy to use device for enjoy with no problems, but if by any chance you have some doubts you can reach to any of our stores in Civic Center to get the proper info and help you enjoy this service.

• They have a tiny micro color camera in the center of the frame and its optics of 1 mm is in the front. They are perfectly camouflaged and the most important thing is that the film plane will be exactly what they observe on their eyes.

• The glasses have a Micro SD memory card that will allow you stop worrying for the duration of the recordings and you can record an hour and a half of video, plus glasses include a rechargeable lithium battery that will not leave you hanging. In any case you can extended it with another MicroSD memory card.

• The management of the glasses is very simple because it only has two buttons, one to turn on / off and pause / record and another to take pictures.

• The lithium battery makes it more efficient.

• Movies are recorded with sound through a barely visible small microphone, as both remain hidden to other people; only you know you're recording.

The device comes with a USB cable, that provide you an excellent opportunity to download all the data that you may have around the day or every special moment, this glasses are the perfect opportunity to have your own movie in real life and everything that you can imagine is in here, in Spy World Miami, remember we’re here for you to help you make the right decision about technology and also to improve your safety around. You can also dial to our phone number to find better answers, at 305.542.4600.
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